Because William and Harry will no longer have ‘quality family time,’ the Queen will never meet their grandchild.


Because William and Harry will no longer have ‘quality family time,’ the Queen will never meet their grandchild.

According to a royal analyst, the Queen is “unlikely” to meet her namesake granddaughter Lilibet Diana Mountbatten Windsor because of the nature of Prince Harry and William’s relationship.

As a result of the status of the relationship between brothers William and Harry, royal analyst and journalist Jonathan Sacerdoti told US Weekly that there will be no more “quality family time” between the UK-based royals and Meghan and Harry. As a result, The Queen is unlikely to meet her granddaughter Lilibet ‘Lily’ Diana Mountbatten Windsor, he explained. His remarks follow a reconciliation between William and Harry on July 1 during the inauguration of a memorial statue to their late mother Diana, Princess of Wales. Mr Sacerdoti stressed that the connection would likely remain professional and corporate, with “meetings” rather than special family gatherings being the focus.

“When Harry and Meghan left the UK as working royals, it was on a trial basis, and there was talk that even if they did chose to build a life away from Great Britain and the Royal family, it would be on a trial basis,” Mr Sacerdoti said.

“That when they returned, there would be polite and loving relations.”

The moment the Queen “snubbed” Prince Harry’s idea that he come back and forth to the UK on a part-time basis to complete some royal obligations was a warning indication that the family will spend more and more time apart, according to the royal expert.

Since then, Mr Sacerdoti has stated that it is becoming increasingly “unlikely” that the Queen will ever see her granddaughter Lilibet Diana Mountbatten Windsor, following the shocking Oprah Winfrey interview and several other media appearances by the California-based couple.

“I would say it is unlikely that they will spend what we would consider ‘quality family time’ together around Christmas and New Year, or on birthdays,” he stated.

“Remember that the Queen has yet to meet her newest granddaughter, and it doesn’t appear that she will very soon.

“She hasn’t seen Archie in a long time!”

“So there is already some frostiness and remoteness there on a human family level, even if they are the royal family.”

He went on to speculate about Meghan’s relationship with the royals in the United Kingdom. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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