Because the future king is ‘aware’ of the cost of monarchy, Charles intends to be a ‘different ruler.’


PRINCE Charles has plans to move into Buckingham Palace on a “much less grand scale” as the future king focuses on the value of the monarchy to the general public, an expert has said.

The future of the Royal Family faces a significant transition after the Prince of Wales ascends the throne, as Prince Charles is “really conscious” of the public’s perception of royal finances. According to recent reports, the future king will maintain a “flat above the shop” style apartment at Buckingham Palace and will focus his attention on ensuring that the monarchy remains “good value” for the British public.

The Mail on Sunday’s assistant editor, Kate Mansey, said: “I think we’re going to see a different monarch when we see Charles take over.

“I spoke to a friend of the Prince of Wales who said that he very much does plan to move into Buckingham Palace when he ascends the throne but on a much less grand scale.

“So we’ve got all those apartments and their availability, it will be more a ‘flat above the shop’ scenario as it was described to me by somebody in a position to know.”

Her comments come amid recent reports that Prince Charles plans to open Buckingham Palace to the public, and maintain Clarence House as his primary residence.

Currently, the staterooms at Buckingham Palace are open to the general public between April and September, with a limited number of tickets available each day.

Whilst the Palace houses the Queen’s official offices, the monarch has spent an increasing amount of time in recent years at her home in Windsor Castle.

Kate Mansey continued: “Well I think definitely, the Prince of Wales has an eye on whether the monarchy is good value for the public and it’s something he’s really conscious about.

“We’re in the middle of a 10-year huge renovation project at Buckingham Palace, it’s costing the nation £396million and anybody who’s ever had any home renovation is saying ‘we always go over budget’.

“It’s a huge expense and he’s very conscious of that and I think that will be a really important thing of his reign is that he’ll be looking at, is does the monarchy offer the public good value?”

Buckingham Palace is currently undergoing an extensive renovation, which is due to last until 2027.

The 775-room palace is. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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