Because it’s “too hot to work,” a restaurant closes for three days.


Because it’s “too hot to work,” a restaurant closes for three days.

A RESTAURANT will close for three days due to “too hot for work” weather.

After the Met Office issued an amber warning for severe heat yesterday, managers at The Stone Crab in Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire, Wales, took the choice. Staff have already “suffered” in the 30°C heat, according to the company, and the break will assist keep them safe.

We crumble in the snow, and now we’re melting in the heat – come on, UK, get a grip!

A user of social media

The hospitality business has suffered greatly as a result of the Covid epidemic, and it is only now beginning to reap the benefits of the lifting of restrictions.

The Stone Crab has been chastised on social media for making the decision at this critical time.

One social media user wrote, “We break apart in the snow, and now the heat – get a grip, UK.”

Another added, “I’m not sure this is right.”

However, some regions of the country are expected to see temperatures as high as 32°C this week.

“It is with a heavy heart, and serious thinking, that we have had to decide to close our doors for the next three days (20th, 21st, and 22nd July) due to the high temperature warnings,” reads a message on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

“We cannot in good conscience allow our employees to suffer in this hot weather; we have already been under enormous stress at work due to the heatwave, and the fresh warnings have made it dangerous for our employees to work, much alone the hours that we are currently working due to local labour shortages.”

“Those who have booked with us will be called within 24 hours and invited to re-book immediately, but please be patient as we find you a suitable table as we are already full up in advance as it is,” the statement reads. We apologize for the inconvenience once more, but it is not an option to put our hardworking employees through this.

“It is quite terrible that this has occurred, and that it has resulted in our closure. We hope you keep safe and hydrated during the upcoming hot weather. We sincerely hope you will all understand.”

The seafood restaurant on the Welsh coast will reopen on Friday, when the weather is supposed to cool down.

South Wales, mid Wales, London, and the southeast of England are all affected by the current weather warning. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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