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Beauty Affairs Luxury Skincare and Cosmetics founder reveal common skincare mistakes

An Australian beauty expert has revealed the worst things you can do to your skin that many women are doing without even realising.

The founder of Beauty Affairs Luxury Skincare and Cosmetics brand shared a video of herself on TikTok explaining the five common skincare mistakes to avoid.

She said it’s important to apply moisturiser before oils, avoid washing your face with hot water, use retinol and to stop over squeezing pimples.



One common mistake people make is applying oil before moisturiser, as the beauty expert said oil and water do not mix.

She said the oil blocks anything water-based from absorbing into the skin, and so it just sits on top of the oil.   

‘Water can’t get through the oil so it just sits on top. Won’t hurt you but works better the other way,’ she said online.  

Instead first apply a serum, then a creamy moisturiser and apply any oil product last.

Retinol is a fantastic product that is known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and can also assist with acne, pigmentation and sun damage, although it’s important to use it correctly.

‘Retinol thickens skin [and] is amazing for skin rehab, just do it,’ the beauty expert advised.

Melbourne dermatologist Dr. Alice Rudd agreed and told Mecca: ‘Retinol can strengthen your skin and regenerate collagen, as well as assist with breakouts.’

Retinols, such as vitamin A serum, are best used after double cleansing the skin and before applying heavy creams.

This particular product should also only be incorporated into a night-time routine, as the sun deactivates retinol.  

While many may enjoy washing their face with hot or warm water, the beauty expert said this can dry out the skin fast and so it’s best to only use cool water. 

According to HealthSite, hot water drains the skin of its natural oils that are needed to keep it moist and looking fresh.

But this mistake can be reversed by simply moisturising the skin straight after washing your face.

While face masks are a popular product that thousands incorporate into their skincare routines, using them incorrectly can be detrimental to the skin.

The woman said it’s best to apply face masks in the shower or bath to allow the product to remain wet and moist.

Alternatively a mist spray can be used to keep the masks from drying.

‘The clay pulls water out of the skin, causing dehydration! I know! Shocking!’ she said.

‘This is why in an old school facial they’ll use a facial steamer over the clay mask so it doesn’t dry completely – that way we’re drawing impurities out of the skin, but not all the water,’ the woman said in another video.

In order to avoid scarring, it’s important to stop over squeezing pimples and instead compress a warm cloth over the top and ‘gently wriggle it’.

A gentle exfoliation can also be done in the shower or bath to rid the skin of blackheads and whiteheads.

The insightful TikTok video has since gone viral and has been seen more than 428,000 times, with many left in shock.

‘Omg I love you! Finally an Aussie skincare guru,’ one woman said.

‘I do all of these!!’ another said, and a third added: ‘I need to change my skincare routine!’

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