Beachgoers are terrified by a mysterious fish with “human” teeth.


Beachgoers are terrified by a mysterious fish with “human” teeth.

Beachgoers in North Carolina, USA, have been scared by a FISH with “human” fangs.

Beachgoers in North Carolina’s Outer Banks discovered an extremely rare fish with human-like teeth. Jennette’s Pier, a fishing attraction near Nags Head, shared a photo of a mysterious-looking fish on Facebook earlier this week. The snapshot shows a fish with an open mouth and human-like teeth inside, weighing roughly nine pounds. Nathan Martin, a regular on the pier, is said to have caught the fish while fishing with his twin brother.

A sheepshead fish has been identified as the creature.

Sheepsheads’ jaws include many rows of teeth, which they employ to crush oysters and other prey.

It is thought to have gotten its name from the fact that its mouth resembles that of a sheep.

Sheepshead fish can be found in and around rocks, jetties, reefs, and even bridges.

Because of their black and white stripes, they are sometimes known as “convict fish.”

Local media sites described officials from the North Carolina Aquarium as claiming that these fish are incredibly tough to catch yet delicious to eat.

When Mr Martin came face to face with a “mouth full of teeth,” he said he was hoping to snag a sheepshead fish.

“It’s a pretty good battle when you’re battling on the line, it’s a really good catch, and it tastes very delicious,” he told McClatchy News. The photo of the fish has gone viral, with some unable to believe that a fish can have “better teeth than a human.”

“I know people who would love to have that many teeth,” one Facebook user remarked. “That fish has nicer teeth than me,” another added. “Is this where dentures come from?” a third wondered.

“Yum!” exclaimed a fourth. The best-tasting fish in the planet! I’m craving fish tacos right now.” Another wrote, “I’ve never seen a fish like this in my life!” Crazy!! ”


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