Be careful: a Tory MP accidentally mocks Putin for his’s**t game’ of military strategy.


Be careful: a Tory MP accidentally mocks Putin for his’s**t game’ of military strategy.

A CONSERVATIVE MP appeared to make an error when he referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggressive strategy toward Europe and NATO as a “s*** game.”

During a backbench debate on Russia’s military strategy, Tom Tugendhat, the Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, swore by accident, accusing Vladimir Putin of playing “a shysters game” with his recent advances on the Ukrainian border.

However, in a candid assessment, he admitted that Mr Putin’s poor strategy has allowed the West to be undermined.

Mr Tugendhat emphasized that “this is not a grand strategy” as he dismissed Mr Putin’s massive military maneuverings in recent months, which included amassing over 100,000 troops on Ukraine’s border.

However, during his passionate monologue, the former soldier appeared to use a swear word when describing Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“This is a cheap ruse by a two-bit hustler, who is playing a sh*t… excuse me, a shyster’s game!” he said.

“It’s a swindler’s game that’s being watched all over the world, and it’s posing as a genuine strategic play!”

Mr Putin’s efforts, according to the former serviceman, lacked strategy and were simply “a very, very low-grade trick.”

Despite his jabs at Russian President Vladimir Putin’s poor military strategy, Mr Tugendhat reluctantly admitted that the West had “not stood up” to it.

As a result, he admitted that he had undermined us.

“Because we haven’t been willing to be as firm as we can be, because we’ve weakened ourselves with European Nato partners,” he continued.

“We are seeing ourselves undermined by it with partners all over the world.”

Conservative MP Sir Bernard Jenkin echoed Mr Tugendhat’s remarks, accusing the West and its NATO allies of having “our heads in the sand” when it comes to Mr Putin.

He called Russia’s aggression a “hybrid warfare campaign against the West,” and demanded that more be done to halt Mr Putin’s progress.

“Putin’s goal is nothing short of demonstrating the end of US global hegemony and establishing Russia on an equal footing with the US,” he said in the Commons.

Sir Bernard went on to say that Russia is also on a mission to “become the pre-eminent power” in Europe, and to “put Russia in a position where it can permanently influence Europe and drive a wedge.”

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