BBC Weather: Rain is expected to fall throughout the UK and France this weekend as a swath of “exceptional” heat travels east.


BBC Weather: Rain is expected to fall throughout the UK and France this weekend as a swath of “exceptional” heat travels east.

As “severe heat” sweeps eastward throughout Europe, BBC Weather predicts a rainy weekend in the UK and France.

Extreme heat is expected over Finland and the Balkans, while rain is expected in Sweden and Norway as a result of a meteorological front. The BBC meteorologist noted that there will be rain showers across France and the United Kingdom this weekend, with the Euro 2020 final in London on Sunday potentially being rained out.

“High pressure that has been dominating eastern Europe recently is heading further east,” Ms Lear said.

“This indicates that the high heat will begin to spread across Finland and the Baltic states.

“It also suggests that a weather front will deliver rain to Sweden and Norway gradually.

“On Saturday, we saw some rain outbreaks across southern sections of the UK and northern France.

“Right now, the Mediterranean is seeing a lot of dry weather.

“There are a few scattered showers in the Balkans, but they are not widespread.”

The BBC’s long-range forecast for the UK for July 12-19 predicted more unstable and rainy weather.

“Through the middle of July, we expect the most likely scenario to be the persistence of a large-scale low-pressure trough over northern Europe, including the British Isles,” the BBC stated.

“As low-pressure systems are frequently nearby or overhead, we should see a continuation of the cooler, wetter pattern.

“This month’s longer-range projections are complicated by the fact that the jet stream, a ribbon of fast-moving air in the high stratosphere that helps propel weather fronts, is currently weak.

“This is usual for the summer, but it also means that low-pressure systems that normally pass through and east may stall and stay put for much longer.

“However, this implies that these lows will be weaker, which means it won’t be as windy.

“If the winds shift out of the southwest or south, we will have the best potential for warmer weather.”

“The greatest risk to the forecast is that high pressure in the Atlantic builds stronger into northern Europe than we expect,” the BBC warned.

“This would be a drier pattern for the southern and eastern parts of the country, however wetter weather in the west and north would still be possible.

“Temperatures would be a little warmer as well, rising slightly above average.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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