BBC Weather: Heavy rain is expected to wipe out the weekend’s sunlight, bringing back memories of the 1966 World Cup.


BBC Weather: Heavy rain is expected to wipe out the weekend’s sunlight, bringing back memories of the 1966 World Cup.

This weekend, BBC WEATHER predicts sunny showers with continuous rain in the southwest and northeast.

The BBC’s Louise Lear has predicted “disappointing” weather this weekend, with rain likely on and off throughout. Temperatures will reach a high of roughly 22 degrees Celsius. “It’s very impossible to avoid those showers at the moment,” Ms Lear said. “That’s going to be the story over the next number of days, and it’s going to be the story into the weekend as well.”

“It’s possible that some of the rains will be somewhat slow-moving. An area of low pressure moving in from the southwest has brought some rain to the area this morning.

“It rained through the night across Cornwall and into south Wales, with parts of it being fairly persistent.

“It’s starting to travel east steadily, although it’ll mostly stay south.

“The rain will clear out from the southeast in the afternoon, but it will likely remain cloudy and drab in the southwest, which will be unpleasant.

“Temperatures are expected to reach approximately 22°C, but some of the showers will be rather powerful.

“Those showers will diminish away as the evening progresses, but another front is beginning to sweep in from the southwest, indicating what is to come.”

Showers might be “powerful” across Scotland and northeast England on Sunday afternoon, she added.

“On Sunday evening, it does appear like it might be gloomy with a little drizzle,” Ms Lear continued. It’s possible that spotty rain will arrive in the final stages of the game.”

It comes as the Met Office has predicted that England’s football squad will face the final Euro 2020 match in the identical weather circumstances as the 1966 side, which won the World Cup.

Meteorologists have forecasted the same 20C temperature and showery forecast that hit Wembley Stadium on the day of the final 55 years ago, which might be a positive omen for Gareth Southgate’s squad.

This is despite the fact that average temperatures have risen significantly over the last half-century as a result of climate change, according to forecasters.

“I can tell you that on July 30, 1966, the weather was extremely close to what is anticipated for Sunday,” said Met Office meteorologist Greg Dewhurst.

“The temperature was around 20°C, and there were a few showers.”

This comes after a weekend of intermittent rain, according to Mr Dewhurst. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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