BBC Weather: Europe will be hammered by an extreme heatwave this weekend, with temperatures in Spain approaching 50 degrees Celsius.


BBC Weather: Europe will be hammered by an extreme heatwave this weekend, with temperatures in Spain approaching 50 degrees Celsius.

AN EXTREME HEATWAVE is expected to wreak havoc on Europe this weekend, with temperatures in Spain’s capital Madrid reaching 42 degrees and the southern area approaching 50 degrees.

This weekend, Europe will be plagued by extreme weather, with Spain seeing the hottest temperatures. According to the latest BBC weather forecast, Madrid will reach 42 degrees Celsius by Sunday. This comes while much of northern Europe, including the United Kingdom, continues to get drenched.

Temperatures in Madrid will be “pushing into the low 40s over the next few days,” according to BBC meteorologist Chris Fawkes.

According to Spain’s official weather service, temperatures in other parts of the country could reach 50 degrees Celsius.

Andalusia will witness “historically high” temperatures this weekend, according to AEMET, with Malaga and Almeria seeing the greatest.

Some parts of Andalusia in southern Spain are expected to see temperatures as high as 47 degrees.

Residents across Spain have been issued heat warnings, with the heatwave expected to peak on Sunday.

The heat wave, however, is projected to cease by Tuesday, with temperatures returning to a more typical level for the remainder of July.

“The prediction for London and Paris is similar, suggesting in the low to mid-20s, with some sunny spells and occasional showers around,” Mr Fawkes told BBC viewers.

“Big thunderstorms erupt throughout Central Europe, according to satellite imagery.

“We have storms in Germany and Switzerland because fresh air is moving into Western Europe while hot air remains in Eastern Europe.

“This contrast is what is causing this weather front and those large thunderstorms, which will continue to hit portions of Germany before moving eastward into Poland, Hungary, and Latvia.

“Southeast Europe is scorching hot. In Nicosia, the temperature is 38 degrees Celsius. In Greece, we are experiencing some of that heat, with temperatures reaching 34°C in Athens. There is some brightness in the Balkans as well.”

“However, from Hungary northwards, we are expecting to see those heavy downpours break out, with some localized flooding and a lot of thunder and lightning as well,” Mr Fawkes continued.

“As we get into Saturday, heavy rain, some of it thundery, pushes into northern portions of Europe.”

Temperatures are anticipated to soar in the UK next week, with a fortnight of summer sunshine projected starting in the middle of July.

The Met Office predicts a two-week heat wave to coincide with the lifting of lockdown restrictions on July 19.


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