BBC Weather: Europe is facing a ‘nasty flood’ warning, with more than a month’s worth of rain falling in a single day.


BBC Weather: Europe is facing a ‘nasty flood’ warning, with more than a month’s worth of rain falling in a single day.

According to the latest BBC weather forecast, “nasty floods” will hit large parts of Europe before temperatures return to above-average for this time of year.

According to the latest BBC weather forecast, significant floods will impact large regions of Europe, including France and Italy. Meteorologist Chris Fawkes predicted “some rather nasty flooding” in portions of Europe with at least 150 millimeters of rain. Temperatures will begin to increase again by the middle to end of next week, with “temperatures above average for the time of year” in the UK and France.

“We’ve experienced some extremely severe rain in the west of France during the last 24 hours,” Mr Fawkes said.

“This slow-moving weather system has dumped 97 milliliters of rain on parts of France.

“As a result, there has been some localized flooding.”

“As this weather front moves east, the heaviest rain will fall in the south and east of France, as well as north-west Italy.”

Mr. Fawkes said that 50 milliliters of rain would fall “widely” over Europe, but that “some regions would get much more than that – 100 milliliters, 150 milliliters.”

This amount of rain is equal to the average rainfall in much of Western Europe for the full month of October.

“That is likely to lead to some flooding, and that could be some rather unpleasant floods,” the weathercaster continued.

“So we’ll have to keep an eye on this section of the planet because Monday looks to be fairly terrible.”

“Where the weather front has passed, Spain, Portugal, and western France are enjoying some sunlight.

“Blustery winds are expected around the north coast of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and northern Germany, with a mix of sunshine and blustery showers.”

“Another region of low pressure” will strike Europe on Tuesday, according to the BBC forecast presenter, “bringing rainy and windy weather over the UK.”

“Rain from the same system will sweep across France, Belgium, and the Netherlands before reaching Germany and Denmark, with the rain being rather heavy at times,” he continued.

“Beyond that band of rain, the weather becomes much sunnier,” Mr Fawkes continued.

“It gets a lot milder, with temperatures in London and Paris above average for this time of year.”

Temperatures in London will rise from 14 degrees Celsius on Tuesday to 20 degrees Celsius on Friday.

This follows similar warnings from fellow BBC weatherman Matt Taylor. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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