BBC Weather: Erratic rain will finish this week, and hot 25°C weather will offer quiet for the remainder of the week.


BBC Weather: Erratic rain will finish this week, and hot 25°C weather will offer quiet for the remainder of the week.

Conditions will improve for the rest of the week, according to BBC WEATHER’s Carol Kirkwood, with just tiny pockets of light showers expected across the country, while dry and mild temperatures reaching 25°C will be a pleasant change after the recent localised floods.

Carol Kirkwood of BBC Breakfast said that while some sections of the UK may witness fog on Tuesday morning, the majority of the country will see drier and warmer weather following weather warnings and heavy rain. High pressure will provide steady weather to the UK, with temperatures reaching 25°C by the end of the week. A weather front will bring showers to western parts of the UK, but it will quickly fade as northern winds direct it away from the country.

“We’re beginning [Tuesday] off with some patchy fog, visibility is bad at the moment throughout parts of Cornwall, but for the most part it’s going to be a drier day,” Ms Kirkwood said on BBC Breakfast.

“It’s a little warmer today than yesterday, and there’s a little more sunshine, but there’s still a chance of showers,” says the forecaster.

“We already have some coming in through Wales in the Greater Manchester area, a few heading up through the Channel Islands into southeast England, and others over northeast Scotland.

“What we have today is a ridge of high pressure forming across the country, which is why things will be more settled.

“However, low pressure in the Atlantic, along with accompanying fronts, is expected to hit us later tonight.

“So, first thing this morning, we have that fog that will lift, and out showers travelling eastwards, but not many of them.

“The showers that are coming in from the southeast will wane, but we’ll see more develop across northeast Scotland, where they could be heavy and thundery.

“A few showers in Northern Ireland, but a mostly dry day for you; on the east coast of England, particularly in the northeast, we could see some showers, but otherwise dry weather across England and Wales with the occasional shower.

“Today’s temps ranged from 20°C to 23°C, 24°C.

“As we move through this [Tuesday] evening and overnight, we’ll have showers across the Northeast for a while, but the winds will kick up.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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