BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood predicts a dramatic change in weather throughout the weekend.


BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood predicts a dramatic change in weather throughout the weekend.

A shift in weather is expected this weekend, according to BBC WEATHER, as an area of low pressure dissipates before reaching Britain.

A weather front from the Atlantic will not reach the UK this weekend, according to Carol Kirkwood of BBC Weather, ensuring bright conditions will prevail. Temperatures will likely be around the 20s. “We do need some sunshine in the forecast,” she remarked. Some of us will be able to see it today and in the coming days, but not everyone.

“At this time last week, I was telling you that the weather would shift this weekend as low pressure moves in from the Atlantic, bringing rain, especially on Sunday and into early next week.

“That could have altered; the low pressure system appears to have slowed down at this point, implying that the south will be drier and warmer.

“There will be a lot of cloud during the next few days.

“Thick enough for some drizzles and light, patchy rain in the east, but sunshine in Scotland and some western areas,” says the forecast.

“There is a lot of cloud this morning, but it is clearing out this afternoon.

“There will be a lot of cloud in England and Wales, and here is where we’ll see the drizzle the most, but there will be some brief breaks in the south.

“Temperatures at the North Sea coast are normally cooler, and with the breeze, it will seem a little chilly.”

“As we approach into the weekend, this region of low pressure may draw back, affecting our weather with temps in the 20s,” she continued.

Her remarks come as a new list of storm names includes a “whirlwind” relative, a “quick-as-lightning” goalkeeper, and a daughter who “leaves a trail of destruction.”

More than 10,000 names for the strongest weather systems expected to affect the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands in the following year were submitted to the Met Office.

Arwen, a name said to be of Welsh origin and popularized by JRR Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings books, will be the name of the first storm of the year, which will last from September 2021 until the end of August 2022.

“Brinkwire Summary News” has named Kim, Logan, Ruby, and Dudley as candidates.


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