BBC Weather: Britons are being told to expect a 10 degree decrease in temperature as a colder front moves in.


BBC Weather: Britons are being told to expect a 10 degree decrease in temperature as a colder front moves in.

The weekend’s generally settled conditions, according to BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor, will bring in a cold front that will cause temperatures to plummet as much as 10 degrees in certain parts of the UK.

The weather is expected to stay dry for most of the UK this weekend, according to the BBC Weather forecaster, with plenty of cloud for many. A few patches of light drizzle are expected in the West of England and North Wales, with heavier rain expected in northern Scotland to start the day. According to Matt Taylor, “Today will be a warm day, and the weekend will be warm as well.

“Temperatures are much above typical for this time of year once again, with high teens and low 20s for some.

“Autumn isn’t far away, if you’re wondering where it is.

“Wait until next week’s mid-week, there will be a significant difference. Temperatures are expected to decrease dramatically.

“Inverness will experience a 10°C temperature dip, with Leeds not long behind. It will be much cooler today, and the temperatures are higher than they will be next week.” Mr. Taylor went on to say: “There is some rain in the north of Scotland, as well as a few places of rain and drizzle, notably in the west.

“There will be a few more light showers in western areas, but most parts will remain dry.

“The cloud will thin and break at times, allowing temperatures to reach 21°C on the Moray coast and possibly 22°C to 24°C in portions of central and eastern England.

“A unexpected breeze will start to gather up this evening and overnight, feeding in the humid air.” It will be another humid night.”

The BBC Weather forecaster went on to say: “In the west, there will be further light rain and drizzle.

“And it’s the unexpected breeze that’s getting stronger ahead of this weather front, which will affect circumstances later this weekend and into next week.”

Due to a low-pressure system approaching the UK, the Met Office has warned that unstable conditions will be prevalent in the last week of September and the first week of October.

“This will bring organized bands of rain, heavy at times for those in the northern and western regions of the country, mixed with cooler and showery spells, as well as some bright,” according to the prediction “..


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