BBC Weather: Britain will be battered by ‘nasty showers,’ with ‘a month’s worth of rain’ forecast.


BBC Weather: Britain will be battered by ‘nasty showers,’ with ‘a month’s worth of rain’ forecast.

Heavy thunderstorms and weather warnings are expected across the UK on Monday morning, according to BBC Weather.

Matt Taylor, a BBC weather forecaster, predicted thunderstorms and up to a month’s worth of rain in the south of England. The weather forecaster said that most places would be extremely rainy, with thunderstorms possible. He stated that certain locations will see some sunlight, but that this will be restricted.

“It will be fairly cloudy, and those clouds will produce some showers,” Mr Taylor predicted.

“Those showers, especially in parts of England, may be pretty terrible later on.

“Looking at the big image from orbit, you can see how vast the cloud is.

“All of this white is rotating around a low-pressure region to the north, which is throwing all of the clouds and showers our way.

“It’s raining in areas of England right now, especially in the southern counties.

“Later on, a Met Office weather warning will be issued from here.

“In one or two areas, they could see a month’s worth of rain.

“Things will go slowly, with strong, thunderous downpours.”

Some parts of the UK will get dry weather and sunlight, according to the BBC Weather forecaster.

“It appears to be drier elsewhere, with some sunshine coming through,” Mr Taylor continued.

“Temperatures will rise to the high teens and low twenties, but this may trigger some localized thunderstorms.

“It will rumble on into the evening for locations like western Scotland, west England, and portions of Wales in particular.”

“Admittedly, there isn’t a lot of sunshine around today,” the weather forecaster concluded.

“However, the majority of the showers should dissipate as the night progresses and into tomorrow morning.

“The nights are keeping quite mild, as we’ve seen for a time now.”


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