Based on a pivotal moment in cop body camera evidence, PI says Gabby Petito was STRANGLED to death.


Based on a pivotal moment in cop body camera evidence, PI says Gabby Petito was STRANGLED to death.

According to a private investigator, GABBY Petito may have been strangled to death based on her body language in police bodycam footage.

It comes as a press conference is scheduled for today at 2:30 p.m. EST, where coroners are expected to reveal Gabby’s cause of death.

The vlogger’s death was ruled a homicide by a preliminary autopsy a few days after her body was discovered in Wyoming, but no formal cause of death was given.

According to Jason Jensen, a Salt Lake City-based investigator, the vlogger’s death could have been caused by asphyxiation.

On August 12, he referenced to Gabby’s body language as she was being interrogated by cops in Moab, Utah.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s manual strangulation,” Jensen said in an interview with Fox News.

“Any victim who has been choked previously will instinctively lower their chin to their clavicle in order to keep that hand from getting around their throat.”

Gabby recalls a fight she had with Brian Laundrie outside the Moonflower Cafe in harrowing bodycam footage initially broadcast last month.

She admitted to detectives that their morning had been “stressful,” and that she had been apologizing to her fiancé for her OCD.

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Laundrie allegedly grabbed Gabby’s face, leaving a “searing” gash on her cheek and red markings on her arm, as well as bruises, according to Gabby.

“Well, he gripped me, like, with his nail, and I assume that’s why it hurts,” she told cops. I definitely have a shaved head. I mean, I can sense it.” Gabby claimed that Laundrie instructed her to shut up after she admitted to hitting him first.

While the vlogger was visibly upset, her fiancé remained composed as he gave cops his story.

“She (Gabby) gets really heated up, and when she does, she swings, and she had her cell phone in her hand,” he informed the cops.

So all I was trying to do was push her away.”

Gabby allegedly attacked Laundrie, scratching his face and arm, according to Laundrie.

“She had her phone and was trying to obtain the keys from me,” he explained. So, I was backing away – I know I shouldn’t have pushed her, but all I wanted to do was push her away so I could say, ‘Let’s take a minute.’ Take a deep breath and take a step back.” Gabby’s last known communication with her family occurred just weeks before the event in Utah.

On August 25, she informed her parents that the pair had arrived to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

On September 19, cops and FBI officials discovered the vlogger’s remains.

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