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Bali tourist is fighting for life after horror motorbike crash

An Australian expat has suffered devastating injuries after a motorbike accident in Bali. 

Byron Bay man Neil Goldsmith, who now lives in Jawa Tengah, Indonesia, was found paralysed in a ditch in Bali with critical injuries to his spine and face on July 17.

He had been surfing before the accident and was in the ditch for four hours before being found. 

Mr Goldsmith was rushed to hospital where he remains in the intensive care unit facing a one-in-three chance of never being able to walk again.

Despite already having several operations, the avid surfer still requires further treatment including facial reconstruction. 

His sister Louise Webber said they were hopeful he would start to regain some feeling in his body soon.

‘At this point Neil is paralysed from the chest down but we’re hoping that once the swelling in his spinal cord subsides he may regain some feeling,’ she wrote.

‘He only has a one in three chance of walking again.’

Ms Webber also set up a GoFundMe to help cover the massive medical costs which have already exceeded $40,000 in four days.  

She said it was breaking her heart that she couldn’t be by her brother’s side but the family were grateful for his friends in Indonesia who are offering him support. 

‘I know he’s in incredible pain. I know he needs us. I know going forward this will be a tough journey for him,’ she wrote. 

‘Neil is not someone who normally asks for help, but his family and friends are asking for your help now.’

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