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Baker shares simple recipe for vanilla custard pies made in a $29 Kmart cookery gadget

Amateur bakers can make vanilla custard pies with six ingredients and a $29 cookery gadget by following a simple method from ‘Australia’s Best Recipes’.

The recipe requires sugar, custard, cornflour, milk, vanilla extract and ready-rolled puff pastry and a Kmart pie maker, available online and in-store Australia-wide.

Photos of the pies have gone viral since they were shared in a Facebook cookery group on Monday, with dessert lovers calling them ‘divine’ and pledging to make their own.

To make four pies, mix the sugar, custard powder, cornflour in a saucepan then gradually whisk in the milk and vanilla extract over a low heat until thickened.

Preheat the pie maker according to instructions and cut eight bottoms and eight tops from the pastry with a pastry shape, ensuring the bottom pieces are slightly larger than the tops.

Line each plate of the pie maker with a larger bottom piece and scoop the custard mixture on top, then cover with a smaller top.

The pies should cook in roughly eight minutes, turning a golden brown all over.

Facebook photos amassed almost 400 ‘likes’ and dozens of comments, including a man who tagged his wife and said: ‘Have them ready at 2.30pm, thanks.’

Another said: ‘They keep in the fridge for ages. Last night I put them back in the pie maker for a few minutes, crisped them up and dusted them with icing sugar and had them warm. Oh my God, I wish I’d had more.’

A third said she often makes them for her children who think they’re ‘delicious’.

Others suggested different flavours, with one woman saying she planned to make the pies with a layer of stewed apple beneath the custard filling.

And it’s not the first pie maker recipe that’s taken Australia by storm this year.

In June, trainee chef Mary-Grace Nicolazzo discovered how to use the machine to make pancake pies stuffed with caramel and chocolate.

The baker, who studies commercial cookery at Victoria University, lined the pie maker with $3.50 Golden Bakery pancakes and covered them with Cadbury Twirl and chunks of Caramello Koala, topping it all with a second pancake.

She didn’t say how long she cooked the pies for, but guidelines in the machine’s manual advise between 10 and 15 minutes depending on the batter or type of pastry used.

Photos of the pies – which contain 544 calories each, almost a quarter of an adult’s recommended daily intake – have been liked 1,300 times and commented on by almost 600 people since they were shared in a cookery group on Facebook.

‘Now THIS is a pie!’ said one woman.

‘Oh my God, these are next level,’ said a second.

A third tagged her friend, saying: ‘We need to get onto this.’

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