Backstage secrets from Strictly Come Dancing, from restricted rehearsals to sneaky performances


EXCLUSIVE Strictly Come Dancing star AJ Pritchard opened up to the Brinkwire about some seriously behind the scenes secrets of the show, and revealed what would make him return to the show

Strictly Come Dancing star AJ Pritchard has revealed some behind the scenes secrets to the BBC One dancing show.

The former show’s pro dancer spoke exclusively to the Brinkwire and reeled off a series of notes about what viewers may not know about their fave dancing programme.

He began: “I think the one thing that I always say to people out and about and they say ‘my god, what the hell’.

“When you consider Sunday is your day off because the results show airs on Sunday night but in the week you would usually be doing promo, going on Lorraine in the week and talking about your experience to press, therefore you only get three and a half days in a studio to learn that dance.”

He added: “And when you tell people that how you get it all done in 3.5 days, instead of having a week, you really don’t have a week, that’s for sure so that’s always a surprise to people.”

When asked whether he would consider returning to the show as a dancer, he explained that there would only be one factor that would make him reconsider.

AJ stated: “I think the only thing that would seriously make me consider – which would never happen which is why I can say it out loud. If the show said ‘hey we have this celebrity and I went ‘oh my god, this is a once in a life time opportunity’ then hey, I would really consider it.

“But it isn’t how the show works but it’s the only way to really twist my arm and go back.”

The 26-year-old also announced who his dream dance partner would be, saying he would love to be paired up with royalty.

He explained: “I really don’t know but obviously, imagine doing the Children In Need Special with The Queen – I mean, Christ – who would say no to that?”

The Brinkwire also recently spoke to singer HRVY who came second on the dancing show last year and was partnered with Jannette Manrara.

HRVY said: “On the Friday before the live show, we all get to do dress runs and we get to do a few goes at it and that is the first time we get to see. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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