Backlash against the BBC: angry listener complaints flooded Nicky Campbell of 5 Live.


Backlash against the BBC: 5 Live’s Nicky Campbell received a barrage of angry listener complaints.

Backlash against the BBC: 5 Live’s Nicky Campbell was bombarded with angry listeners who slammed the broadcaster.

Callers to Nicky Campbell on BBC Radio 5 Live were outraged by the broadcaster’s state, with several demanding a complete overhaul.

Callers flooded the BBC this morning as Radio 5 Live host Nicky Campbell debated whether the broadcaster was giving the country what it wanted.

Nadine Dorries, the Culture and Media Secretary, is reviewing the BBC licence fee this month.

The corporation is anticipating a reduction in funding from taxpayers as the number of people who refuse to pay a license fee grows.

On the Nicky Campbell show on Radio 5 Live, Tony, a BBC listener, complained that the BBC is not an “up to date service.”

When Mr Campbell asked if he was getting “what he wants from the BBC,” Tony replied, “I don’t think so no.”

“During the Christmas season, the average age of the films shown was in the 1950s.

“That is so old, and it keeps rehashing the same old stuff year after year.”

“That service is no longer available.”

Line of Duty is one of our favorite TV shows.

The Offenders is an excellent series as well.

However, there are so few of them that you could count them on one hand.”

“I think the name of that show is actually relevant to what it is,” Tony responded to Mr Campbell’s reference to the popular quiz show Pointless.

“It’s pointless.”

Mr Campbell urged, “Come on.”

We can’t do things that don’t appeal to everyone.”

Tony, on the other hand, demanded a complete overhaul of the BBC, as well as a rethinking of the license fee.

“As with satellite networks, the answer is to make it more commercial,” he said.

It is necessary to give consumers a chance.”

On the show, one caller, Pradeep from Loughborough, said, “It’s all reality nonsense.”

Cooking shows and quiz shows will air five days per week.”

Daryn in Linlithgow thinks the licence fee “must be capped” because the BBC “benefits the entire world.”

Earlier in the show, Tory MP Julian Knight warned Mr Campbell that unless the license fee is kept in place in the short term, television sets will be turned off, which would be “electoral suicide.”

He explained, “The funding challenge is that an increasing number of people are declaring ‘no license required.'”


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