Backlash against Boris Johnson, who has been chastised for ‘bluffing everything’ in the EU fight, claiming that the UK now ‘cannot win’.


Backlash against Boris Johnson, who has been chastised for ‘bluffing everything’ in the EU fight, claiming that the UK now ‘cannot win’.

BORIS JOHNSON and Lord Frost have been chastised for attempting to “bluff everything” in the ongoing tumultuous Brexit negotiations with the European Union, warning that the UK will have to “back down” if they are to win.

Tensions between the two feuding factions over Brexit have risen to dangerously high levels in recent weeks. Lord Frost, the UK’s Brexit minister, and Maros Sefcovic, the European Commission’s vice president, have been discussing a solution to the Northern Ireland Protocol’s implementation. The European Union has threatened to launch a trade war against Britain if it does not put inspections on goods entering Northern Ireland as part of the Brexit deal.

The UK and EU can apply duties on each other’s goods if the pact is broken, pending independent arbitration, under the terms of the Brexit trade agreement reached at the end of last year.

Brussels has pushed the UK to adopt a Swiss-style veterinary agreement on agri-foods with the EU to resolve a dispute over some items transiting between the UK and Northern Ireland.

However, Lord Frost emphasized that the UK will not adopt EU agri-food legislation to resolve post-Brexit trade issues with Northern Ireland.

Alistair Jones, Associate Professor of Politics and University Teacher Fellow at De Montfort University in Leicester, has launched a vehement attack on the United Kingdom for its continued opposition to the Protocol’s implementation.

“The UK has tried to bluff everything,” he told this publication (for example, asking for extra time before enforcing the agreement).

“Lord Frost has indicated that the EU is making a mistake by refusing to provide any flexibility. They are not required to do so because Parliament has adopted the Protocol.

“At the moment, the EU has the upper hand and all of the cards. The United Kingdom will be forced to back down.”

Professor Jones warned that if the UK does not soften its stance on the Protocol’s implementation, the EU will strike back with vengeance without hesitation or pity.

“Either the Protocol is enforced by the UK (and the EU has the power to oversee enforcement, as set out in both agreements), or the UK Government figures out how to support the Northern Ireland economy without violating Single Market rules,” he said.


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