Backers say they’re ready to be Geronimo’s human shield.


Backers say they’re ready to be Geronimo’s human shield.

Today, supporters of the doomed alpaca Geronimo will form a “human shield” in an attempt to save him from being murdered.

Geronimo, an eight-year-old boy, was sentenced to death after testing positive for bovine tuberculosis twice. Following a £50,000 High Court struggle, a warrant was obtained last week to have him destroyed.

However, the stud’s owner, veterinarian and breeder Helen Macdonald, argues the tests were faulty because Geronimo was administered a vaccine that resulted in a false positive.

Geronimo’s pen in Wickar, Gloucestershire, has now been surrounded by volunteers.

Ms Macdonald spent a third day yesterday waiting for cops and a veterinarian to arrive to kill her beloved New Zealand dog.

Over the weekend, Geronimo was granted a 48-hour respite, but Ms Macdonald, 50, was concerned that police would raid her property early today.

“We will not break the law, but we will speak up for what is right,” she stated yesterday. It’s an odd scenario to be treated like a criminal by the authorities when you haven’t done anything wrong.

“My mother, who will be 84 on Monday, inquired if the firing squad will be there on her birthday.”

Losing an animal is terrible, but “farmers recognize that sick animals pose a risk to the rest of their herd,” said Environment Secretary George Eustice.

“Bovine tuberculosis is one of the largest animal health risks we have today,” a spokesman for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs stated.

“While no one likes to kill afflicted animals, we must do all possible to combat this disease and defend the livelihoods of those who are affected.”


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