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Back to school for JUST £15: Sainsbury’s launches the cheapest children uniforms in the UK





Andy Barr, personal finance expert and co-founder of online price tracking website, commented on the findings: ‘As we approach the end of the summer holidays, after a strange time for kids due to lockdown, the rush to get everything sorted for ‘back to school’ is on. 

‘Many people have a perception of Sainsbury’s that it’s more on the expensive side, but that’s certainly not what we witness at Alertr; this isn’t the first time the supermarket chain has beaten seemingly ‘cheaper’ stores like Asda in terms of price for various things.

‘Buying all the items needed for a child’s return to school for a new academic year can be expensive business, which will now be felt more than ever as parents suffer the financial impact of lockdown that has hit many people.’ 

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