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Bachelor’s Vakoo Kauapirura reveals the real reason Zoe-Clare McDonald was missing from ceremony

Bachelor star Zoe-Clare McDonald was absent from the first rose ceremony during the show’s premiere on Wednesday. 

And now former star Vakoo Kauapirura claims she knows the real she was unable to attend, speculating Zoe-Clare was drunk.

Taking to her own Instagram on Thursday, Vakoo said: ‘That Zoe girl definitely had way too much to drink and that’s why she wasn’t at the rose ceremony.’

She continued: ‘I could tell she was way too drunk.’ 

Vakoo then revealed she too got drunk during a rose ceremony cocktail party, and couldn’t attend because she vomited as a result. 

‘One time at the cocktail parties I drank so much that I actually threw up. Like when we were doing the rose ceremony, I ran outside I was going to pass out,’ she recalled.

She said she was left mortified when she realised Matt was the person holding her wig while she was sick.   

‘I was wearing my wig and then someone was holding my wig back. And I was like ”don’t tell Matt I’m throwing up”. And it was Matt holding my hair back,’ she explained. 

Vakoo’s comment echoed viewers sentiment. 

Many fans flooded to Twitter to accuse Zoe of being ‘too drunk’ to attend the inaugural rose ceremony. 

‘Zoe-Clare got too p***ed to stand straight in the rose ceremony,’ one fan tweeted.   

Another added: ‘Zoe has her head in the toilet so she can’t attend the rose ceremony.’  

A third viewer joked that she’d skipped the eviction to ‘get a bottle of dye from Priceline’. 

She had a meltdown over her hair colour earlier in the episode. 

During Wednesday’s premiere, Zoe-Clare flew into a rage after Areeba Emmanuel, 25, interrupted her discussion with Locky Gilbert.

‘To me, it’s disrespectful. If she wants to act the child, that’s fine,’ she told producers.

For no apparent reason, she came to the conclusion that the other women didn’t like her because of her hair colour.

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