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Bachelor in Paradise’s Ciarran Stott goes shirtless at Melbourne beach with mystery brunette

He failed to find love on Bachelor in Paradise but Ciarran Stott hasn’t been short of female attention.  

The 26-year-old enjoyed a day out at a Melbourne beach on Monday, and he wasn’t alone.

The British bad boy was in the company of the same mystery brunette he’d shared a park date with days earlier. 

Ciarran showed off his extensive tattoos as he stripped down to his gym tights for a dip in the chilly bay. 

Running along with his dog, the pink-haired reality star flexed his impressive muscles as his expended some energy. 

Stripping off his shoes, Ciarran paddled along the shallows on the shore, looking relaxed and cheerful. 

Prior to removing his clothing, Ciarran wore a neon yellow and black hoodie, throwing a ball for his dog as he waded into the waves. 

Going without a face mask, the inked hunk spent some time enjoying the brisk air on what was a cool but sunny day.  

His female companion dutifully carried Ciarran’s jacket and belongings as she walked beside him, smiling at his antics. 

The pretty brunette was much more rugged up than her handsome pal, wearing a warm camel coat. 

She paired it with a white shirt and matching slacks, along with a pair of trendy sneakers. 

As well as carrying Ciarran’s shoes in one hand and his clothes in the other, she also toted along a purse. 

The reality star happily chased his mutt along the shore before putting his clothes back on. 

Leaving the beach, Ciarran wore his windbreaker and a black face mask as his dog ran beside him with a ball in his mouth. 

He also met up with a number of friends, who trailed behind before they headed off down the street. 

Ciarran took a call at one stage, looking concentrated as he held his smartphone to his ear.   

It comes after the British star quit Bachelor in Paradise during Sunday night’s dramatic finale. 

He left the show with love interest Kiki Morris, 32, however they split two months later.    

Kiki has since shared eyebrow-raising details about her whirlwind romance with Ciarran.

Speaking to the So Dramatic! podcast on Sunday, she revealed Ciarran had her name tattooed to his wrist on December 14, just days after they left Paradise as a couple. 

‘[Ciarran told me] I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo of you, basically since I met you… so I’ve got a space on my wrist that’s empty, I want to get your lips and your name tattooed on my wrist,’ Kiki explained. 

Ciarran, who moved into Kiki’s apartment immediately after leaving Paradise, requested that Kiki write her name and kiss a piece of paper with red lipstick to create the personalised inking.   

‘I was like, “I think this might be a little too quick, but whatever,”‘ Kiki continued.

Unfortunately, Ciarran was forced to cover up the tattoo weeks later, as his relationship with Kiki came to an acrimonious end.   

Following their split, Kiki discovered Ciarran had covered up the tattoo in mid-January after noticing a ‘tell-tale sign’ in photos of him on Instagram. 

‘He had Glad wrap around the back of his wrists – so that was the tell-tale sign that he’d tattooed over it,’ she said on the podcast. 

‘And I zoomed right in and it looked like he’d just tattooed a big black blob over my lips and name!’ Kiki added. 

Later in the podcast, Kiki described the circumstances surrounding their split, explaining that things went south after she busted Ciarran chatting to his former love interest Tenille Favios behind her back. 

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