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Australians slam woman’s ‘pasta grazing board’ as a ‘failure of modern civilisation’

When you think of grazing boards, you might picture a platter of cured meats, French cheeses and delicious dips.

So perhaps it’s no wonder that one woman’s grotesque take on the new trend – made entirely of pasta – has been branded ‘a failure of modern civilisation’.

In a video shared on TikTok, the American woman is seen covering a table with tin foil, before dolloping out pasta across it and peppering it with slices of garlic bread.

But with no plates and only a couple of large plastic serving spoons on hand, it looks like her guests will be eating with their hands.  

‘Y’all have heard of nacho table, I raise you pasta table,’ the woman said.  

Grazing boards are popular Down Under but typically contain cured meats and cheese decoratively arranged on platters with colourful fruit and sweets. 

Do you approve of ‘pasta grazing boards’?

Do you approve of ‘pasta grazing boards’?

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The popularity of sharing plates has plummeted since the start of the coronavirus crisis amid fears they are breeding grounds for germs and spreading bacteria.

Disgusted Australians said they’d ‘pass’ on the ‘anxiety inducing’ spread, with one viewer from Queensland declaring: ‘It’s a no from me.’

Another added: ‘As an Italian, I’m going to have to pass.’

‘I feel like this was something that was better as an idea,’ said a third.

A fourth said the sight of the table ‘gives her anxiety’ because of the risk of spreading germs.

‘COVID has entered the chat,’ said a fifth, referencing the heightened hygiene risk associated with buffet-style dining.

One particularly outraged man said: ‘What the hell is up with this trend? We are steadily failing as civilised folk.’ 

Others wondered why she had bothered transferring the pasta to the tinfoil in the first place when she could have eaten it straight from the saucepan.

‘How do I even react to something like that?’ one woman asked.

But some said the idea was a clever way to save time cleaning up after dinner.

‘People need to do this when they’re having a lazy day and don’t want to do dishes,’ one said.

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