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Australians share their biggest pet peeves about Zoom meetings so how many have you experienced?

Australians have shared their biggest pet peeves when it comes to Zoom meetings.  

Almost 12,700 Australians were surveyed by professional networking site LinkedIn on the behaviours they hated to see on the video conference platform. 

Being late to a meeting, not turning the video on and chewing on camera were nominated as the worst Zoom habits.  

Video conferencing became part of the working from home routine during the COVID-19 pandemic and Zoom recorded 300million daily participants in April.

The worst form of Zoom etiquette was deemed to be attending a meeting late and at least 32 per cent of Australians selected this as their biggest pet peeve. 

Not turning the camera on was also identified as the worst Zoom habit by 30 per cent of Australians. 

Another 28 per cent of Australians said chewing on camera during meetings was their biggest pet hate.    

‘If you dress up badly, if you’re being late for the meeting, if you chew on camera… it shows you are not in the least bit a professional,’ one responder wrote.  

‘Zoom meetings should be no different than actual meetings. All cautions and liberties taken in physical presence professional meetings should be followed.’  

Some Australians argued there was a need for employers to show leniency due to the unusual circumstances of working from home during a pandemic. 

‘I understand that there has to be some etiquette but we should also not forget that offices have now entered the personal space of employees. 

‘They are still working but now in their own space where they could have a working spouse and also kids and pet,’ one commenter commented. 

‘Family homes and family life should not be expected to jump through hoops for employers and business encounters,’ another wrote.  

Other users listed their biggest video call pet peeves and shared hilarious Zoom interactions they had encountered.      

‘The biggest on-camera Zoom faux-pas I personally witnessed? Someone who lay down and took a quick nap in the middle of a webinar,’ one user shared.

‘Someone who logged in via a laptop but left their phone on and spent the next 15 minutes texting and ignoring everyone on Zoom.’ 

‘Someone who logged into a meeting via their phone while driving their car,’ another commenter said. 

‘My pet peeve will be a family pet interrupting continuously, especially a cat who refuses to stay away from walking across the laptop,’ one commenter wrote. 

Other pet hates included not putting the microphone on mute, having too much background noise and wearing casual clothing. 

Capucine Yeomans, Deputy Editor at LinkedIn News, said ‘Australians are training themselves to meet this challenge’ of working remotely. 

‘Professionals are clearly keen to adapt to this new way of life and master different ways of communicating with teams and stakeholders,’ she told Daily Mail Australia. 

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