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Australian women are ‘desperate’ to get their hands on shampoo famous in the 1970s

An Australian woman has rediscovered Revlon’s Flex protein building shampoo and conditioner range at The Reject Shop and shoppers are now scrambling to get their hands on a bottle.

The lady, who remembered using the ‘musk’ scented haircare as a teenager, posted about the now limited-edition $23 products on Facebook and urged others to give them a try.

‘Omg look what I just found at The Reject Shop. Wow does this bring back memories,’ she said.

‘This was my go-to shampoo and conditioner as a teenager and I was so disappointed when they stopped selling it. I remember it made my hair so silky soft and smelt amazing.’

Did you use Revlon Flex shampoo and conditioner?

Did you use Revlon Flex shampoo and conditioner?

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She revealed that it ‘still smells the same’ so she’s hoping the formula hasn’t changed since it was first launched into retail stores in 1971. 

‘Does anyone else remember this?’ She asked.

A flurry of comments appeared underneath her post, with many saying they could still remember the ‘divine’ smell.

‘This has been around for more than 45 years as I used it when I was hairdressing those many years ago… Clients would bring it in for us to use on their hair and it smells beautiful,’ one woman said.

‘Yes I used it in my teenage years so I will have to check out my Reject Shop to see if they have any,’ said another.

A third added: ‘I remember my mum using these in the 90s in Fiji! Man that seems like a lifetime ago. Her hair always looked and smelled so good’.

Others said they were ‘devastated’ when regular supermarkets stopped selling it in the early 2000s and were ‘desperate’ to try it out again. 

Woolworths removed Flex from its shelves in 2002 to make way for Dove’s haircare products, which are still in store today. 

The Australian Financial Review reported that a lack of marketing from Revlon ultimately led to the product being canned, as it went from having 10 per cent of the shampoo and conditioner market in the 80s to three per cent in the 2000s. 

According to the packaging description ‘the exclusive Flex formula is balanced for thorough yet gentle cleansing. So it gives hair more bounce, great body and beautiful shine’. 

‘With Flex you get highly effective cleansing without stripping. Rinses away clean. Leaves hair feeling more supple, more manageable and looking radiantly healthy. Hair smells extra flex fresh and gentle enough to use every day.’

To use it customers simply need to wet their hair, lather, rinse and repeat the process if desired.  

If you can’t find it at The Reject Shop – not all stores have it in stock – the Australian Herbal store sells it for $23.85.     

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