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Australian Supercars driver Renee Gracie undergoes surgery to have bum like Kim Kardashian

Australia’s first female Supercars driver turned millionaire porn star has revealed she  paid more than $15,000 for a Kim Kardashian-style bum.

Renee Gracie, 25, sensationally quit racing at the end of last year and now makes $25,000 a week selling explicit videos and photos on subscription-based website OnlyFans.

She said she’s been wanting to get surgery for a ‘long time’ because she ‘hated’ her body. 

‘I looked at myself and thought they I looked like a boy basically. I was never happy with the way I looked and I always knew the body I wanted would not be able to be achieved in the gym,’ she told the Herald Sun.

‘I was aware of the BBL (Brazilian Bum Lift) procedure and obviously now I am in a position where I was able to afford it.’

After conducting research, Gracie found a cosmetic surgeon on the Gold Coast renowned for butt lifts. 

She went under the knife five weeks ago where surgeons ‘sucked the fat out of my stomach and put it in my butt’. 

She also revealed she had liposuction done to her abdomen, inner thighs and back which were then placed into her butt and hips to make them look bigger. 

Gracie said she was excited to reveal her new look to her OnlyFans next week.

‘I am going to step it up and all that. I am lucky because none of my fans want a skinny chick. I think they are all going to love it. They don’t want the anorexic look,’ she said. 

Two months ago, Gracie made headlines when she accused Indians of using her photos and posting them on other websites.

‘To all you Indian a***holes on my page. Stop stealing my images,’ she wrote on the subscription service.

‘They are copyrighted and I own them not you.’

Gracie claimed since her story made it to Indian media she has noticed fake profiles using photos and videos stolen from her OnlyFans account.

‘I don’t like Indians now,’ she wrote.

‘If you have shared or stolen my images you’re an a***hole and I hope you get what comes for you.’

She told ‘all Indians’ to get off her page and said they were no longer welcome.

‘I will be removing all Indian’s from my page as of tonight,’ Ms Gracie wrote at the time. 

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