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Australian mum’s chemical-free trick for removing stains with eucalyptus oil branded ‘revolutionary’

An Australian mother has found an unlikely use for eucalyptus oil as a chemical-free stain remover that lifts ’90 percent’ of marks from soiled clothing.

After a permanent marker leaked onto the front of her white hoodie, the woman posted in a Facebook cleaning group asking members for advice on getting it out.

People recommended soaking the stain in the essential oil for 30 minutes, then rinsing it with water – a method she said removed almost every trace of the purple blotch.

She posted photos of the jumper taken before and after applying eucalyptus with the caption: ‘It worked so well! I rinsed the stain with water and squeezed the texta (sic) out as much as I could [to ensure] the colour didn’t run.’

The mum said she poured bleach over the faded stain before washing the hoodie which emerged from the machine in perfect condition.

Sold in chemists and health food shops for roughly $5 per bottle, eucalyptus oil is typically used as a herbal medicine to treat common complaints like nasal congestion and asthma. 

Diluted variations can also be applied to the skin to soothe ulcers or chronic conditions like arthritis.

Because of its natural disinfectant properties, eucalyptus oil also works well as a chemical-free floor cleaner – and as a laundry detergent, it has now emerged. 

Photos taken before and after the oil was applied have gone viral, racking up 1,600 ‘likes’ and dozens of comments with one woman branding the revelation ‘revolutionary’.

‘I wouldn’t have thought you could get that stain out, great work,’ said another.

A third said it was ‘great to see the result of suggestions’ and encouraged others to post before and after photos in the Facebook group.

‘It’s good to see what actually works,’ she added.

A fourth said: ‘Oh my gosh! I saw this post last night and even showed my husband and told him that I didn’t think it would ever come out. I’m off to show him this.’

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