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Australian mum sets mouths watering with simple recipe for ‘slow-cooked’ Tim Tam rocky roads

A mother has set mouths watering with a simple recipe for Tim Tam rocky roads which can be made from five ingredients in a slow cooker in less than five minutes.

Posting in an Australian cookery group on Facebook, Brooke Leigh said she made the treats from two blocks of cooking chocolate, one bag of Red Frog lollies, one bag of mini marshmallows, a handful of peanuts and a packet of chocolate Tim Tams.

The chocolate is melted and mixed with the other ingredients in the base of a slow cooker, sold in Kmart for $19 (AUD), then refrigerated until set.

To make the ‘no-bake’ sweets, line the base of the slow cooker with a large sheet of tinfoil or thick baking paper.

Set the device to a high heat and melt the chocolate until smooth.

While it melts, break the Tim Tams into chunks and stir through the chocolate, adding the lollies, peanuts and marshmallows in on top.

Once the dry ingredients have been thoroughly coated with chocolate, carefully lift the tinfoil out of the cooker and into a container, which should be refrigerated for at least two hours until the mixture has hardened.

The chocolate block can then be sliced into bite-sized pieces, ready to eat. 

Ms Leigh said she will use Red Snake lollies if she makes the treats again because the Red Frogs were too chewy.

Photos of the rocky roads have racked up more than 500 ‘likes’ and hundreds of comments from amateur bakers who say they’re keen to try the recipe themselves.

‘That looks delicious,’ one woman said.

Another said: ‘I’ve made this before and it’s fantastic, going to do it again this afternoon.’ 

A third said she uses Allen’s Raspberries in place of Red Frogs, while others said they prefer to use almonds instead of peanuts.

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