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Australian mother’s enormous lockdown laundry pile is branded the most relatable photo this year

Australians have branded a photo of a mother’s enormous laundry pile the most relatable post on social media this year.

Busy homeschooling her four young children, Kodie Quinlivan couldn’t face folding clothes during coronavirus lockdown.

Instead, the mum from Perth, Western Australia, threw freshly washed laundry into a pile in her living room which steadily grew into a gargantuan mound she christened ‘Mount Fold More’.

‘Have you ever looked at your laundry pile and considered throwing it away? Asking for a friend,’ she posted on Facebook alongside a photo of her lying on top of the mound.

The photo has gone viral since it was shared Sunday night, with hundreds praising Ms Quinlivan for showing the reality of motherhood and household management instead of the carefully curated images typically seen on social media.

‘More of this should be shown, we aren’t all super woman. Reality is nice to see,’ one woman said.

A second said she is currently dismantling her own ‘Mount Fold More’ and was glad to see she wasn’t the only one who had let laundry stack up.

‘Whoever says they’ve never had a Mount Fold More is a liar,’ said a third.

Another said she showed her fiance the photo to prove she is not ‘the only woman on the planet allergic to folding’.

‘That’s some serious washing, thank you for sharing – it does make me feel a bit better about mine!’ she added. 

Others said Ms Quinlivan looked like she was reclining on a throne and encouraged her to share more relatable content.

‘Here queen, you dropped this,’ one woman wrote beside an emoji of a golden crown. 

Once her kids returned to school, Ms Quinlivan said she took the clothes to the dry cleaners where they were re-washed, dried, ironed and folded.

‘Now the mission of putting them all away.. Everyone will be doing their own!’ she said.

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