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Australian comedian rates hand sanitiser units across Myer, Sephora, Kmart and Coles

An Australian comedian has rated the hand sanitiser at Myer, Sephora, Kmart and Coles stores to crown the ‘superior’ cleanser during the coronavirus pandemic.

Matthew Hey, from Sydney, visited his local shopping centre to test and review the hand sanitiser stations at popular stores.  

‘As the unofficial isolation sensation of Australia, I believe it is my duty to go into these stores and test the hand sanitiser for you so that you don’t have to,’ he said.  

‘And hopefully by the end of this video we will know which hand sanitiser is superior.’

Mr Hey filmed the set-up of each hand sanitiser station and described the smell and consistency of each cleanser in a three-minute video shared online.

The comedian, who runs Alright Hey on social media, declared Kmart had the best hand sanitiser, while Myer came in last. 

Mr Hey began his review at Coles, where the hand sanitiser has a really ‘good consistency’ but smelled like Vegemite. 

He then moved to Myer, where he pretended to gag as he smelt the ‘criminal’ the cleanser.   

‘Nah I gotta get rid of that, shake it off. I’m not even rubbing it in. That’s disgusting, that’s foul,’ he said. 

‘I’m going to be sick.

‘I don’t know what’s in those, they’ve been contaminated or something cause it’s not right.’  

Mr Hey tried the option at his local chemist which was ‘a lot thicker’ and has a ‘nice floral, soapy smell’. 

The Sephora cleanser was one of Mr Hey’s favourites as it smelt great and absorbed ‘super fast’.  

At Typo, Mr Hey struggled to dispense the cleanser and instead sprayed his knee. Rebel Sport was ‘disqualified’ as their hand sanitiser was nowhere to be seen.

Mr Hey said the Kmart option didn’t smell bad and absorbed nicely.   

‘Kmart is the only one I can so far give a 10 out of 10 to,’ he said. 

‘I even bought something at Kmart because their hand sanitiser was so good. So retailers, take note.’ 

At the end of the video, Mr Hey declared Myer had his least favourite hand sanitiser as it smelt like ‘dead cockroaches’.   

‘The absolute isolation sensation is Kmart hand sanitiser and you’ve heard it here first folks,’ he said. 

‘Wash your hands, sanitise your hands and wear a goddamn mask.’ 

The whole video can be watched on Alright Hey’s Facebook page. Mr Hey can also be followed on Instagram and Facebook.  

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