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Australian businessmen inundated with messages from ‘sugar babies’ after wealth is revealed

Successful businessmen who made the Financial Review’s Rich List have revealed they were subsequently targeted by gold-digging ‘sugar babies’. 


Earlier this month, the publication printed its 200-person list of Australia’s wealthiest people.

But some Rich Listers have complained that being on the list is a dubious honour and comes with a lot of unwanted attention.

‘Over 50 or so women sent messages and emails to me making all kinds suggestions,’ one businessman told Good Weekend Magazine.

‘There seem to be a lot of ‘sugar babies’ seeking benefactors,’ another businessman said. 

 ‘A young lady from Eastern Europe started up a conversation with me in a hotel lobby recently and asked if I would be interested in a sugar baby as she needed $10,000 for study costs.’     

According to billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes, the publication of the Rich List is the ‘worst time of the year’. 

The CEO and co-founder of software company Atlassian said there’s no ‘upside’ to the list being published. 

‘Unless you want to, kind of, show off in a weird way. But then, buy a freakin’ billboard, right?’ Mr Cannon-Brookes said.

Mr Cannon-Brookes is the co-founder of the Sydney-based collaboration software firm Atlassian.

He and co-CEO Scott Farquhar started the company after finishing their degrees and funded it with credit cards.

Mr Cannon-Brookes was listed as #215 on the Forbes Billionaires 2019 list, and #5 on Australia’s 50 Richest 2019. 

There were 17 additions to the Rich List this year.  

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