Australia will begin requiring forced vaccines for health workers, with the phrase “no jab, no pay” being used.


Australia will begin requiring forced vaccines for health workers, with the phrase “no jab, no pay” being used.

AUSTRALIA’S government is on the approach of requiring all health professionals to have Covid vaccinations, a controversial move among local anti-vaxxers.

On Friday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is expected to announce a new vaccination policy at the weekly national cabinet meeting. All health care employees should be required to acquire the Covid vaccine or face losing their jobs under the planned “no jab, no pay” policy.

Staff in public hospitals, ambulance services, private hospitals, GPs, private nurse offices, and consulting offices would be affected by the new regulation, according to

The new law will apply to health students on work placements, pharmacies, and private pathology labs.

Previously, each state could chose whether or not to require health-care professionals to get vaccinated.

In New South Wales, a deadline for receiving their first dose expired on Thursday, and over 5000 employees are expected to be sacked as soon as tomorrow.

However, approximately 94 percent of NSW health personnel have been vaccinated.

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard stated, “It’s quite straightforward.”

“You probably shouldn’t be in the health system if you don’t care enough to get vaccinated and look after your colleagues, if you don’t care enough for your patient.”

Nearly a tenth of Queensland’s 115,000 health workers are still unvaccinated.

Anti-vax activists are sure to be outraged by the new policy, which Liberal National MP George Christensen claims is “not an anti-vax thing.”

The mandatory vaccination strategy, in his perspective, is similar to “apartheid” and slavery.

He stated, “This is about freedom and choice, and it’s about saying to both governments and companies, you know what, we may be your employees, but we’re not your chattel.”

“We’re no longer in a slave relationship where you can order me to do things with my body.”

“That’s a load of nonsense.” That’s a relic of the past, and the entire argument for requiring the jab in the workplace is unjust.

“The mandate of no jab, no job rules out all the rest of the vaccination discrimination and medical apartheid that certain politicians are proposing, and it’s not supported by evidence.”

The Australian Medical Association applauded the new regulation, with its president, Dr. Omar Khorshid, stating that a uniformed national norm was needed to ensure that the public felt “comfortable” while visiting a doctor.

“I am certain that the majority of healthcare workers confronted with a. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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