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Aussie comedian Alex ‘Shooter’ Williamson tested positive two days after smoking weed

An Australian comedian has filmed himself getting dropped home by police after testing positive to cannabis, despite not smoking the drug for two days prior.

Alex ‘Shooter’ Williamson, 31, was filmed getting dropped home in a cop car after being pulled over after doing his grocery shopping in Adelaide on Wednesday.

‘Well it’s official. I think my blood has been replaced by THC over the years,’ the comedian told his 498,000 Instagram followers in a video.

‘I haven’t smoked for two days; I ran out, I’m dry.’ 

THC – tetrahydrocannabinol – is the active ingredient in cannabis and is what creates the high when people consume the drug. 

‘When [the officer] swabbed my tongue and he looked at the [analyser] he’s like “f**k I’ve never seen a more defined line form so f**king quick mate,’ Williamson said.

‘I was like “cool” and he said “that’s not good”.’

Williamson was filmed by his builder unloading his shopping bags from the police car after being driven home following his positive reading.

‘[The officer] was good with the groceries though. He asked me ‘are all your frozen things together?’ 

Williamson’s glamorous girlfriend Gabby Goessling was heard exclaiming: ‘you idiot, you f**king idiot’ as he ran triumphantly up his driveway holding his groceries.

South Australia police were unable to confirm whether Mr Williamson was charged. 

In April, the YouTube star was filmed skolling a beer after a rowdy heckler tried to smash the glass bottle over his head at one of his stand-up shows at a pub in Goulburn.  

In footage shared to his Instagram, Williamson was seen storming off stage to confront a heckler who had been talking throughout the show.

After Williamson knocked his hat off, the crowd member fought back, smashing his beer bottle into the comedian’s head. 

‘You gonna glass me? You gonna glass me?’ Williamson said.

The comedian then stormed off, finishing the bottle of beer and throwing it onto the stage as the crowd cheered.

‘I just f***king skolled the glass he glassed me with,’ he said.

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