At Philip’s burial, Kate Middleton revealed her future in Firm: ‘Really saw it.’


At Philip’s burial, Kate Middleton revealed her future in Firm: ‘Really saw it.’

According to an analyst, Kate Middleton’s future in the Royal Family was laid naked during Prince Philip’s funeral, when the Duchess became the pillar on which everyone depended on.

After attending the premiere of the latest James Bond film, ‘No Time to Die,’ the Duchess of Cambridge impressed fans. While several said that she is “always lovely,” fashionistas ogled the glitzy Jenny Packham gown she wore for the public appearance. She “radiated Princess Diana,” according to certain publications around the world, and she “took the show.”

Her gown was nearly identical to the one worn by the Princess of Wales at the 1985 premiere of the James Bond film ‘View to Kill.’

It’s not the first time Kate has taken the royal world by surprise.

She attended Prince Philip’s burial with the rest of the family earlier this year.

Kate stood out among the assembled royals as the nation joined them to bid farewell to the Duke of Edinburgh.

With the now-famous image of her sat in the burial car with a black mask covering her lower face and a small veil pulled across her eyes, she captivated the public imagination.

Kate’s attendance throughout the funeral, according to royal author Emily Andrews, indicated that she was fit to be the future Queen of England.

“Here was a woman at the top of her game, perfectly turned out,” she remarked in the Channel 5 documentary “Kate: Our Queen in Waiting.”

“But she is also, very appropriately, assuming her place as one of the Royal Family’s most senior members.”

“To be honest, I believe it was one of those images where you could actually see Queen Catherine waiting.”

“She’s wearing a pair of pearl and diamond earrings that had actually been permanently lent to her by the Queen,” she added, referring to Kate’s earrings.

“Traditional mourning jewelry consists of pearls and diamonds.”

“That extremely lovely Catherine Walker dress coat with the bow on the shoulder, the net in the hair, the incredibly glossy hair,” said Tom Quinn, another royal author.

Kate was praised after the funeral for functioning as the family’s glue, bringing support to all members.

Kate walked side-by-side with Prince Harry as they exited the chapel following the ceremony.

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