‘At least four foot tall and traveled 50 meters in five seconds,’ according to a big cat observed in Wales.


‘At least four foot tall and traveled 50 meters in five seconds,’ according to a big cat observed in Wales.

A BIG CAT has been discovered in a North Wales community, marking the most recent sighting of a creature not often encountered in the UK.

On April 9, a possible big cat was spotted and reported to Puma Watch North Wales. In recent months, there has been an increase in the number of such sightings in England and Wales.

Daniel described the beast as “quite dark brown or grey” and said he saw it in Frodsham on Tarvin Road one night in April.

“About 100 meters away, I spotted a gigantic beast, at least four feet [tall],” he wrote in his report.

“I came to a halt to have a better look through the bush clearing, but my coming to a halt seemed to alert it, and it was so rapidly aware, it rushed back into the forest behind me uphill.

“The run was quite cat-like because I have a cat, yet it covered around 50 meters in about five to ten seconds without breaking a sweat.”

Chris Bebbington uploaded images from his garden’s motion-activated CCTV on March 18.

A paddock in Cheshire was visible from the camera.

After Mr Bebbington discovered a dead chicken in the middle of the field, he and his wife Wendy triggered the camera while working.

A unknown black animal is seen carrying the chicken in its mouth in the footage.

It enters from the top right after three seconds, drops it, and sprints across the paddock.

Mr. Bebbington told LeaderLive that he thought the dead chicken was “a bit of junk blown over.”

“I was intrigued by how large it was and how it moved – it travels slowly at first and then goes really, really fast,” he continued.

“I believe it had the chicken in its mouth for the first part of the run, whatever it was.

“About a week later, the camera was set off by a fox. It was difficult to see, but it moved quite differently than this animal.”

Cheshire is becoming a hotspot for large cat sightings, according to Tony Jones, founder of Puma Watch Wales.

He recently used OpenStreetMap to create an interactive map that shows where big cats have been recorded in North Wales, Cheshire, and Shropshire.

“In recent months, multiple sightings have also occurred in Chester, including when a similar animal was caught on camera in Chester.”Brinkwire Summary News,” he added.


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