At a wedding day rounders game, a lady smacks the ball into her new husband’s groin, which has gone viral on TikTok.


At a wedding day rounders game, a lady smacks the ball into her new husband’s groin, which has gone viral on TikTok.

During a rounders tournament on their wedding day, Sarah Chesterfield took a strong swing and smashed a ball straight into her husband’s groin, which went viral on TikTok.

During a game of rounders, a bride was caught on camera rejoicing after whacking a ball straight into her husband’s groin.

Sarah Chesterfield took a swing with the bat and sent the ball smashing into the manhood of her new hubby, Matt Chesterfield.

But she didn’t seem to mind her blunder, instead sprinting around the field to finish the rounder in front of a crowd of family and friends.

On September 25, an unforeseen incident occurred at the Carlyon Bay Hotel in Saint Austell, Cornwall.

According to Cornwall Live, the ceremony was videotaped by Cornish videographer Grant Alexander, and the bride’s sister, Hailey MacDonald, published the footage on TikTok.

“My sister was adamant that we all play rounders, so that’s what we did,” Hailey explained. The groom’s first throw is captured on video.” Her brother-in-law, she added, didn’t go into great detail about his short injury, but he was disappointed that his wife finished the rounder.

She claimed her sister told her that when she realized the bat was going to hit the ball, she made sure to swing it extra hard, but she had no idea it would land where it did on her husband.

Hailey said she initially uploaded the video on Facebook, where it earned “a few views,” but said it went viral once she shared it on her TikTok account last week.

She claimed she managed to capture the exact moment on tape, and that 120 relatives and friends were present to witness it firsthand.

Over 450,000 people have watched the hilarious video.

The revelation comes after a bloke caused a ruckus at his own wedding when a trick backfired with his new family.

On Reddit, the man’s brother-in-law recounted the story, claiming that they had to put up with his pranks for years but that it was finally enough.

In a terrible joke on his wedding day, the groom singled out his brother-in-girlfriend. law’s

He decided to splatter milk all over her new £250 gown.

The girlfriend’s partner has now requested that the groom pay for the dress to be replaced, and the family has had enough of him.

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