At a memorial service for US Marines slain in Kabul, Joe Biden was accused of ‘looking at his watch.’


At a memorial service for US Marines slain in Kabul, Joe Biden was accused of ‘looking at his watch.’

During a memorial service for US soldiers murdered in an ISIS suicide bombing at Kabul Airport, Joe Biden was accused of “looking at his watch.”

On TalkRADIO, Joe Biden was chastised after he was seen glancing at his watch at a sad service for the 13 US military personnel slain in Kabul. The bodies of the deceased servicemen were flown back to Dover Airbase in Delaware, where President Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama were ready to pay their respects. However, as the flag-draped coffins were being unloaded, Mr Biden stirred controversy by appearing to check the time.

“Even watching Biden yesterday as the coffins were being taken from the plane,” host Mike Graham said TalkRADIO.

“The very solemn situation was covered in the stars and stripes, the star-spangled banner.

“He’s staring at his wristwatch!”

“And you go figure out what’s wrong with you.”

Sebastian Gorka, a former adviser to Donald Trump, remarked, “That tells you everything.”

He told TalkRADIO, “When I saw that, I immediately posted, and that tells you…this man…there is a black, black hole where his soul should be.”

“You’re at Dover Airbase, doing the most sacred…this is the most sacred thing a commander in chief can do.

“To welcome back those who gave their lives in the service of our country in coffins draped with our flag.”

It comes as Margaret Thatcher Centre Director Nile Gardiner of The Heritage Foundation lambasted a lack of leadership from the US, which he predicted would face “three and a half more years of rapid American decline.”

Mr. Biden, according to the head of the think group, is being led by a left-wing agenda that is “very harmful for the entire free world.”

“We’re looking at three and a half more years of steep American decline,” Mr Gardiner told Sky News Australia.

“I also believe that now is the time for Britain, post-Brexit, to step up to the plate and assert stronger leadership on the global stage.

“Because it isn’t going to come from Joe Biden.”

“I mean, Joe Biden is a complete knucklehead who can’t possibly lead the free world.”

“I believe Britain can be a revitalized world power in the post-Brexit era,” he added.

“However, it must have the vision and confidence to do so.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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