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Astrologer reveals the perfect job for your star sign

A leading Australian astrologer has revealed the career you should consider based on your star sign – and the ones to avoid if you want to perform your best.

Psychic Rose Smith says now is the time to retrain and prepare for long-term job prospects, as almost one million people in Australia lose their regular income as a result of COVID-19. 

‘Although you can do short-term work if you’ve lost your job or are out of work, the economic and employment ramifications from coronavirus will continue for years,’ Ms Smith said.

‘Now is the time to look to training opportunities which are aligned with your personality traits – you can have your astrology chart done to help with this.’ 

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the unemployment rate is 7.1 per cent – the highest since 2001 – with the official jobless number standing at 927,600 in May. 

So what should you look for?


Earth signs find their work particularly important, not only for the job itself, but also for the money. 

They are hardworking and responsible, getting the job done even through difficulties or hardship. 

Earth signs can do better than most in 2020 with their jobs.



Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces can transform their emotions into something physical. 

Water signs can reap rewards in 2020 if they stay grounded and practical. 

Strong emotions will show the way, but those emotions shouldn’t be allowed to rule.




Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are curious and think about things before making decisions. All air signs have good communication abilities and enjoy illuminating conversation. 

They are usually good at writing, social media, publishing and generally getting the word out. 

Air signs often have ‘flashes of brilliance’. They can generally think their way to a better life this year despite what is happening externally. 

Air signs can find new opportunities where others fail to see them. 





Inspiration is needed to make your heartfelt desires real and physical so you can share and help others in alignment with your heart. 

Get in touch with your hopes and dreams. 

Fire signs have a lot of passion which can carry them to where they want to go.



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