AstraZeneca triumphs: UK has’stronger immunity’ than EU nations – ‘may be better’ in the long run, according to AstraZeneca.


AstraZeneca triumphs: UK has’stronger immunity’ than EU nations – ‘may be better’ in the long run, according to AstraZeneca.

According to an immunology professor, the AstraZeneca vaccination has given the UK stronger immunity than Europe and “may be better” in the long run.

Professor Paul Moss of the University of Birmingham’s Institute of Immunology told Sky News’ Kay Burley on Wednesday that the UK’s approach to fast roll out the AstraZeneca vaccine with particular intervals between shots had helped the UK avoid the coronavirus waves that have been witnessed in Europe.

It comes as AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot claims that other countries’ refusal to utilize his vaccine on the elderly may be to blame for Europe’s rising infection rates.

Professor Moss: “We began [vaccination]in December of last year, and as a result, we saw a decrease in illnesses.”

“Our aim was to establish longer-term immunity during the summer, and I believe it has paid off.”

He also mentioned that increasing the time between vaccine treatments from three to ten weeks has given Britons “stronger immunity” against the virus.

The AstraZeneca vaccine also provides “extremely substantial cellular immunity,” according to Professor Moss.

He emphasized how such immunity could be “useful” in the “long run.”

However, he pointed out that there isn’t enough specific proof to be certain.

Professor Moss explained how the booster shot boosts viral protection to “another level” of 93 percent.

The remarks come as the number of people killed by the virus in Europe has topped 1.5 million in the 53 nations that make up the WHO’s Europe area.

A new wave of high-profile instances has engulfed Europe, prompting Austria to impose a new curfew and others to seek further measures.

Vaccine uptake on the continent is low, with Belgium having the lowest immunization rates in Europe (only 74.8 percent fully jabbed), and Austria having similarly low rates.

As a result of the increase of illnesses, Austria has made the vaccine a legal necessity.

Booster vaccinations may soon be required for residents in France, Germany, and Greece to be deemed completely immunized.

Last week, however, citizens in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Austria rioted in protest of new draconian regulations enacted to stem the spread of virus throughout the continent.

However, last week in Rotterdam, Dutch police opened fire on protestors to disperse them, and on Sunday in Brussels, the protests turned violent. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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