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Asthmatic woman in Australian quarantine hotel ‘can’t breathe’

A young woman with severe asthma admitted she has become a ‘proper Karen’ while stuck inside quarantine hotel with no windows or balcony. 

Chelsea, 25, and her partner Jeremy, 27, from New South Wales, are five days into their two-week mandatory stay at a hotel on the Gold Coast.

But Chelsea doesn’t know if she will last another nine days cooped up in a small room with dust and no fresh air due to her serious respiratory complications.

‘I literally am wheezing when I breathe. I’m not sleeping because my congestion is so bad,’ she told Daily Mail Australia. 

‘We did the right thing and followed the rules but to put someone in a room with no open windows for fresh air is such a health risk. 

‘I honestly don’t know what else to do… I can’t imagine what my health will be like at day 14.’  

The recruitment consultant said a dusty air conditioning vent in their room and a lack of oxygen has triggered her allergies.

‘I never sit in air con too long cause it sets off my allergies but this room has just set everything off,’ she said.

‘We have dusty air vents but we have to put the aircon on because it gets so hot and stuffy in here. I haven’t had a flare up like this in years.’ 

The frustrated couple, who have forked out nearly $4,000 for their hotel quarantine,  have even put up a sign in their window which reads ‘help, can’t breathe’. 

Chelsea said she has ‘turned into a proper Karen’ after calling Queensland Health, hotel management, the Red Cross and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk ‘numerous times a day’, but to no avail. 

‘I’ve sent emails and medical documents but no one has gotten back to me,’ she said.

Chelsea said reaching out to the media was a desperate last ditch attempt to get help.

The 25-year-old slammed the State Government for their ‘poor decision’ to put returned travellers in a hotel with no windows or fresh air flow to the rooms. 

‘There’s one other hotel on surfers paradise doing quarantine and every room there has a balcony. It’s not fair,’ she said. 

‘Plus they are charging us the same price as those that get a balcony. It’s our money they are throwing around. It’s ridiculous.’  

Chelsea called for better protocols to protect travellers’ health, and claimed social distancing wasn’t adhered to while getting to the hotel. 

‘They shoved us all in a bus and didn’t even get us to sit apart so we were all in close contact with each other,’ she said. 

‘Something’s got to change. I don’t want to sound like a whinger but this is people’s lives they are playing with.’

Chelsea and Jeremy returned to Queensland from Kiama, on the NSW south coast, and had planned to drive home before the border slammed shut. 

‘We could only fly so we jumped on a plane and now it’s costing us thousands to get everything moved up here because we can’t drive our own cars and do it ourselves,’ she said.

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