Asked about the collapse of the EU, Farage answers, “There will always be peace in Europe.”


Asked about the collapse of the EU, Farage answers, “There will always be peace in Europe.”

On his nightly show, GB NEWS host Nigel Farage was interrogated by viewers, with one asking what he thought would lead to the European Union’s demise, with Mr Farage condemning “bureaucrats” who endanger the continent’s variety.

During his evening GB News show’s “Barrage the Farrage” segment, Nigel Farage addressed questions from viewers, with one asking what Mr Farage felt would be the best way to abolish the European Union. The former leader of the Brexit Party lost no time in blasting EU officials, claiming that the institution was “wrong at every level.” Mr Farage continued his enraged tirade against the EU, expressing his desire to see European countries appreciate their differences.

Viewer James questioned Mr Farage on GB News how long it will be until the European Union disintegrates.

“If I knew the answer to that, I’d be down to the nearest betting shop right now,” Mr Farage said.

“I’m not sure what will bring the European Union to an end, but I’m still certain it’s a totally artificial construct.

“I just think it’s wrong on every level; as long as Europe’s nation-states remain functional democracies, Europe will always be at peace.

“And Europe is a continent unlike any other; if you travel 100 miles through Europe, you will encounter various wines, cheeses, languages, civilizations, and, without a doubt, distinct manners.

“That is what makes Europe so fantastic, the idea that the entire thing should be run by a group of bureaucrats in Brussels who establish rules that harmonise, homogenize, and pasteurize everyone.

“I find that to be complete anathema.”

The European Union has been chastised for how it handled the coronavirus, with members being left without vaccination supplies during the peak of the outbreak.

Members clashed as the European Commission and Germany sought measures to prohibit vaccine exports to third nations and impose Europe-wide travel bans on the United Kingdom.

Many nations were left without vaccines due to delays in getting vaccine contracts with AstraZeneca, whereas the UK led the way in vaccination uptake.

According to a poll done by Ifop for the French newspaper Les Echos, 57 percent of French people strongly favor proposals to have “less Europe” in the next presidential election.

SWG pollsters asked 1,200 Italian voters how they would vote in a scenario called “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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