As young people ‘fail to come forward’ for vaccines, the Covid tragedy looms – ‘Not interested’


As young people ‘fail to come forward’ for vaccines, the Covid tragedy looms – ‘Not interested’

MANY young people in London are apparently refusing to get their coronavirus immunizations, raising worries of another catastrophic outbreak.

With Covid-19, all of the UK-approved vaccines greatly reduce the odds of someone dying or being hospitalized.

However, there are fears that younger adults, who may be less vulnerable to the virus, are not getting vaccinated.

Experts warn that if Britain is to establish herd immunity, most adults of all ages must be vaccinated.

This would avoid a new outbreak of coronavirus illnesses, especially once the existing limitations in England expire on July 19.

Vaccine uptake among young people was discussed during a meeting of the North West London health overview committee on Wednesday, according to the Health Service Journal (HSJ).

Pippa Nightingale, chief nurse officer at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, told the publication that they have enough doses but are having trouble attracting younger employees.

“All of our vaccination centers are only really running at approximately 30% of their capacity because that’s the individuals that are showing up,” she said.

“We have people on the ground, and we have vaccines, but we’re having a hard time.

“That is an image of London, and it is a picture of the country.”

Ms Nightingale cautioned that some young people believe they “don’t need the vaccine” because they are less likely to end up in intensive care if they contract Covid.

Coronavirus vaccines are now available to all adult age groups, with the youngest being eligible in June.

According to NHS England data, 56.7 percent of those aged 18-24 and 64.8 percent of those aged 25-30 have got their first dose.

In London, it is said to be particularly difficult to persuade young people to be vaccinated.

“First doses are really off the wall low in London, massive numbers of under-40s, especially under-30s, not coming in,” an insider told HSJ.

“They simply aren’t interested, and it isn’t sinking in.

“There is plenty of supply in London; it all depends on demand.

“When we point out that it’s a public health concern that has to be addressed, we’re instructed to just keep making appointments.”

More than half of the adult population in the United Kingdom has already received two coronavirus vaccines.

The final legal limitations on gatherings in England will be lifted on July 19.

On Wednesday, another 49 people in the United Kingdom died after testing positive for Covid-19 in the previous 28 days.

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