As war fears grow, Liz Truss throws down the gauntlet, saying, “No concessions!”


As war fears grow, Liz Truss throws down the gauntlet to Putin: ‘No concessions!’

LIZ TRUSS has thrown down the gauntlet to Russia, threatening the country with a barrage of threats over its actions against Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Ms Truss confirmed she is now working with international partners on a new set of sanctions in the midst of escalating tensions between the West and Russia.

Ms Truss also warned Vladimir Putin in Parliament that the UK would not allow Russia to wage a campaign to subvert its “democratic neighbors.”

She not only threatened Russia with sanctions, but also warned that any military aggression against Ukraine would have serious ramifications for Mr Putin.

“We will not accept Russia’s campaign to destabilize its democratic neighbors,” she declared.

“To justify their aggressive stance, they have falsely cast Ukraine as a threat.”

“The UK is working with our partners on these sanctions, which include high-impact measures aimed at Russia’s financial sector and individuals,” says the statement.

According to the Ukrainian government, there are 100,000 Russian troops stationed on the Ukrainian border.

Despite annexing the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in 2014, Mr Putin has also accused NATO of being an aggressor to Russia.

Ms Truss also reaffirmed the UK’s opposition to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline during her speech.

Although the German network agency has stalled on the pipeline’s final approval, former German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed to the Nord Stream 2 project with Russia.

The pipeline will transport gas from Russia to Germany, but it will bypass Poland, Ukraine, and the Baltic states.

“Russia is the aggressor here,” Ms Truss added.

“NATO has always been a defensive alliance,” says the author.

“It’s critical that NATO stands united in its response to Russia’s threatening behavior.

“Europe’s reliance on Russian gas must be reduced.”

“Britain is still opposed to Nord Stream 2, and I’m working with allies and partners to raise awareness of the project’s strategic risks.”

Ms. Truss will meet with NATO foreign ministers next week to discuss the situation with Russia.

“Tomorrow I will attend an extraordinary meeting of NATO foreign ministers,” she said ahead of the meeting.

“The US-Russia dialogue begins on Sunday, with the Nato-Russia Council meeting on Wednesday and the OSCE Permanent Council meeting on Thursday.

“We will hold talks based on the principles of liberty, democracy, and the rule of law.”

“It’s critical that Nato stands united in its response to Russia’s threatening behavior, and we must all hold Russia accountable to its long-standing obligations.”

“Aggression cannot be rewarded.

“We’ve arrived at a critical juncture.”

In addition to annexation.

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