As tourists return to the park just days after another group left, the council is slated.


As tourists return to the park just days after another group left, the council is slated.

RESIDENTS in an affluent neighbourhood plagued by tourists admit they may have little choice but to “agree to live with them.”

Families in Plymouth’s lush Mannamead and Laird districts have expressed their displeasure after a group of travellers arrived at a park days after another group had departed the same location. Residents are angry with the council, claiming it has “failed in its duty to prevent” visitors from returning to Trefusis Park.

On Friday, over nine caravans and other vehicles appeared, making dog walkers and families with children nervous of using the recreation area and playground once more.

“Looks like we should just accept them because the council doesn’t appear to do much to stop them,” one disappointed social media user said.

“About time, the council impounded their vehicles for trespassing,” said another.

After receiving a 24-hour Notice To Quit order, the previous party of travelers fled the park. They were apparently able to get in after workmen working on a sewage leak allegedly left the gates unsecured.

“The authority has failed to simply stop the travellers returning to the park,” one homeowner told Plymouth Live on Friday. I’d like you to visit them and inquire as to why residents have travelers within 10 days after their departure, just to have a second lot return after the council failed to put up a post [stopping entry].

“After South West Water completed repairs to the park following floods, they [the council]told the residents they couldn’t put back the post because South West Water would return to finish the job after the first group of visitors had left. For the past ten days, they had not seen a single South West Water van on the street.

“The locals have complained to councillors Andrea Johnson and Nick Kelly about the post being moved, but nothing has been done, and they now have a second group of travellers on the park,” says the resident.

Residents reported seeing “many and lots of dogs” on the location, as well as broken glass on the grass from the last party.

The new group will be ejected from Plymouth City Council, which the Labour Party fell to no overall control this year.

“We are aware of an unauthorised campsite at Trefusis Park and have carried out the appropriate welfare,” a spokeswoman for the council said.


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