As the WHO warns about stopped vaccinations, Europe has spoken out about the “very concerning” Covid instances.


As the WHO warns about stopped vaccinations, Europe has spoken out about the “very concerning” Covid instances.

The World Health Organization has cautioned European leaders to increase immunization due to a “deeply concerning” increase of Covid infections on the continent.

The high transmission rate of coronavirus across the European Union, according to WHO Regional Director Dr Hans Kluge, is a “very concerning” sign. The alarming statistics prompted the WHO to issue a plea for more vaccination across Africa on Monday. Dr. Kluge also urged European governments to begin planning for the introduction of booster vaccines for vulnerable Europeans.

“Even when vaccinations are available, there is a reduction in vaccination uptake in 15 countries,” Dr Hans told Euronews.

“As a result, we must fight on numerous fronts, one of which is reducing vaccine apprehension.

“The most vulnerable people must get their first and second shots.

“Then we have to do it all,” she says. “Those countries can contemplate a third dose if we observe that persons with decreased immunity, such as the elderly, have declining immunity against serious disease.”

“However, we should do it all, including sharing doses with nations that have yet to adequately vaccinate health-care professionals, while also keeping an eye on the emerging evidence,” he added.

“For example, we know that there are at least 28 countries in the pan-European region that have an excess of dosages.

“As a result, such doses must be shared as quickly as possible.”

He also cited alarming data indicating a “greater than 10% increase in 14-day case incidence.”

“This high transmission is very concerning,” Dr. Kluge added, “particularly given the low vaccination uptake among priority populations in a number of countries.”

He continued, “Several countries are beginning to notice an increased pressure on hospitals.”

Since the outbreak began, Europe has seen more than 64 million confirmed infections and 1.3 million deaths.

Meanwhile, according to one estimate, another 236,000 people would die from the virus in Europe by December 1.

It comes as a concerning study suggests that the effectiveness of the Covid vaccine could fall to 50% by the winter.

According to senior scientist professor Tim Spector, the ZOE COVID Study forecast is a worst-case scenario, but the government must start arranging booster shots now.

“A reasonable worst-case scenario, in my opinion, might see protection below 50.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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