As the temperature drops below ZERO in the UK, snowfall and severe gales are expected.


Snowfall and severe gales are expected in the UK as the temperature drops below ZERO.

According to the Met Office, a freezing weather system is expected to sweep across the country in the next 48 hours, bringing snow showers.

A spell of wintry weather with winds of up to 80 mph is expected to hit the United Kingdom.

On Friday and Saturday, the Met Office predicts “cold Arctic air” with “bitter wind chills.”

Over the weekend, the Met Office issued two yellow wind warnings for large areas of the country.

Scotland, northern England, and Wales are expected to see snow showers starting on Friday.

“We’ve got an unsettled period of weather over the next few days, with wind warnings out for Scotland and Northern Ireland to begin with on Friday,” said Grahame Madge of the Met Office.

“On Saturday, strong winds are expected across the UK, with the exception of London and the South East.”

“Snow is becoming more likely at higher elevations, with indications that areas above 200 meters in Scotland will have the greatest chance starting Friday.”

“Temporary spells may occur in other parts of northern England and Wales, such as the Pennines and Snowdonia, but they are unlikely to be severe enough to settle.”

A band of cold air is expected to engulf the UK during the early hours of Thursday morning, according to the latest Met Office weather graphics.

As temperatures drop below freezing, the maps show the entire country turning an icy blue color.

The forecast for Friday shows patches of white in northern parts of the UK, with wintry flurries in Scotland and the North East.

“Cold” and “turbulent” weather is on the way, according to BBC forecaster Ben Rich, with “quite significant snow to areas of north Scotland.”

On Friday, he predicted “wintry showers across high ground in the west” and a “curl of a weather front bringing some quite significant snow to parts of northern Scotland through the day.”

The wet, windy, and wintry weather is expected to spread further south this weekend.

“Perhaps gales are likely for Wales, south west England, and parts of north east England, with some areas of rain, sleet, and snow drifting southwards,” Mr Rich added.

“On Saturday, the cold front will only push eastward.”

According to the latest forecast, Scotland could see up to four inches (10cm) of snow by Saturday night.

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