As the Sussex rift continues, the Queen is unlikely to meet Lilibet ‘anytime soon.’


As the Sussex rift continues, the Queen is unlikely to meet Lilibet ‘anytime soon.’

According to a royal expert, the Queen is in for some sadness because she is unlikely to see Lilibet or Archie for some time.

According to royal pundit Jonathan Sacerdoti, ties between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, as well as the rest of the Royal Family, are still tense. He claimed in an interview with US Weekly that he didn’t think the Queen will see her great-newest great-grandchild, Lilibet, anytime soon. He went on to say that, as things currently, the Queen has seen very little of Archie.

“I would think it is unlikely that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be spending quality time with the other royals during Christmas, New Year’s, or birthdays,” Mr Sacerdoti added.

“Keep in mind that the Queen has yet to meet her newest granddaughter.

“It doesn’t appear that she’ll be meeting Lilibet anytime soon.

“She hasn’t seen Archie in quite some time.

“Even though they weren’t the Royal Family, there was frostiness and alienation between them on a human family level.

“I believe they will have the occasional meeting if things go well, but it does not appear to be high on anyone’s agenda.”

Mr Sacerdoti also spoke about Prince Harry’s ongoing feud with his brother, Prince William.

He emphasized that the royals, particularly Prince William, are concerned about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s criticism of the Royal Family.

He went on to claim that the royals are concerned that any conversations they have with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would end up in gossip magazines all over the world.

“You will recall that Prince Harry indicated in that huge interview that his relationship with Prince William was one of space,” Mr Sacerdoti remarked.

“However, he believed that with time, they would be able to fix it and construct something.

“Perhaps this is the start of it.”

“I will say that from my own personal perspective, I believe there is a lot more bridge-building to be done,” he concluded.

“Even if Harry and William were able to be courteous with one another for the unveiling of their mother’s statue, if they can’t do so on Diana’s death anniversary, when else will they?

“However, I believe that there is much more bridge-building to be done.


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