As the SNP leader’s critical blunder is exposed, Nicola Sturgeon ‘cannot deliver referendum.’


As the SNP leader’s critical blunder is exposed, Nicola Sturgeon ‘cannot deliver referendum.’

NICOLA Sturgeon’s plans to call a referendum on Scottish independence have been shattered, according to political expert Alex Massey, as a crucial fault in her campaign continues to surface.

Nicola Sturgeon has stated that a second referendum on Scottish independence should take place before the conclusion of the current parliamentary term in 2026. The Scottish First Minister rebuffed suggestions that she may retire before such a vote, but the SNP leader has now been told that a poll is unlikely to take place due to a major strategic fault. Columnist Alex Massie told BBC Scotland’s The Nine that Ms Sturgeon will not be able to deliver a referendum because she is constantly trying to drum up support from inside her own ranks.

“There’s a difference between being passionate about a referendum and actually being able to execute it,” Mr Massey added.

“You know this is a fanciful conversation because Nicola Sturgeon will not be able to achieve a referendum.”

“She has to lead her fans up the mountain every now and again just to keep their spirits up, but that doesn’t change the underlying reality.”

“There is no chance, and no one in Holyrood believes seriously that a referendum will be held in the timeframe the First Minister claims.”

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“And it seems to me that we could be a little better off if we accepted that and recognized it, moved on, and talked about other things,” Mr Massie concluded.

“It’s been six years since Nicola Sturgeon said that narrowing the achievement gap between rich and poor children in Scotland’s schools was her defining aim.”

“She didn’t appear to be talking about it much these days, so it’s possible it was never her defining mission.”

Mr Massie claimed that the Scottish people had not requested another referendum, adding, “A referendum will not take place until a clear majority of people in Scotland make it clear that they want one.” Pavement parking delays are “not an option” because rule changes are “far overdue.”

That desire is not existent at the time, and it will be critical to monitor the circumstances in which it emerges over the next few years.”

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